Perhaps A Few Days Too Many

A morning walk © A. Harrison

I can’t complain. After all, I live on acres, with a (mostly empty) beach nearby. Being an ‘essential worker’, I can get out of the house, earn an income, and physically talk to people.

Many people can’t, and little sign of the lockdown lifting.

So, an early walk on a misty morning, with my dogs happy to get out of the house. I always love it when ours are the first footprints on the sand.

Monks heralding in the dawn © A.Harrison

Mt Fuji through the cherry blossom © A. Harrison

I was blessed the day we went to Mt Fuji. Yesterday had been raining and the road to the Fifth Station closed. Tomorrow would prove the same, but today came sunny and spectacularly clear.

The Night I Walked into a Fairytale

Boat and a ball of fire setting out across the bay © A. Harrison

He led me to a bridge, carrying in his arms with him certain dive-droppers or water-fowls, bound to perches and about every one of their necks he tied a thread, lest they should eat the fish as fast as they took them. …

Hercules busy by the Arno © A. Harrison

I love this photo I took of Florence largely because it’s not instantly recognisable.

Busy battling the Nemean lion down by the Arno, Hercules seems a bit too busy (and a little too naked) to enjoy the view.

Behind is the deceptively simple façade of the Chiese di Ognisannti, once the parish church of the wealthy Vespucci family. Amerigo Vespucci gave his name to the New World after his voyages in 1499 and 1501–02 allowed cartographers to draw the first maps of this land. He peers out from a fresco by Ghirlandaio on the wall of the Vespucci Chapel. …

Not quite what I expected in Vienna

Grey clad pilgrims in Vienna © A. Harrison

Monks — or are they pilgrims? — exploring Vienna with a peaceful stride. I adore the ones with floppy hats, and can’t help but wonder what they’re carrying in their satchels. I also love the sign in Chinese on the post behind them — purely coincidental, I didn’t notice it at the time.

Memories of Summer in the City of Lights

Ah, Paris © A. Harrison

By the time I returned to my hotel, I’d walked holes into both my shoes. I’d never been to Paris in the summer, and the day kept beckoning me to explore. The buildings shimmered in the light, and the city was in bloom.

The first time I saw Paris was in the depths of winter. Just turned 10, I came straight from an Australian summer, and I just didn’t get it. The city was cold, dark, damp, and dirty. Notre Dame was a large building which was way too dark on the inside. In vain did my father wax lyrical…

Memories of 2014 in Hong Kong

Dawn amongst the tents © A. Harrison

The morning was still young. I seemed to be the only person about, a rare occurrence for Hong Kong. Apart from an occasional snore or soft rustle, little noise came from the tents.

For tents there were, stretching along a highway which would normally be a traffic jam. Skyscrapers towered over them, many emblazoned with huge advertisements for the next product to bring wealth and happiness. In contrast, protest signs hung from the overpasses, along with clusters of umbrellas.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Hong Kong. It was the first overseas place I ever visited, back in the…

Anne Harrison

At 10 I discovered travel, books and philosophy. Now I pass my days with a camera in one hand, a notebook in the other, looking for the perfect coffee.

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